Love Lessons

By Julian Fellowes, Valentine Guinness and Maggie Contreras

A three-part television adaptation of Joan Wyndham’s highly acclaimed wartime diaries: a charming coming of age romantic comedy set in London during the Blitz in World War II.

“Love Lessons” is a comedy drama set during the opening eighteen months of the Second World War.  It follows the real-life adventures of Joan Wyndham, a wide-eyed art student fresh out of convent school.  As the war in Europe creeps ever closer, Joan’s main preoccupation is whether she will lose her virginity before she is killed by one of Hitler’s bombs.

Comprising three hours of mainstream drama, “Love Lessons” is amusing, quirky and romantic.  It has a comforting atmosphere similar to “Foyle’s War”, and Joan’s storytelling has an eccentric wit reminiscent of “Love in a Cold Climate” by Nancy Mitford.

Portraying a rarely explored side of wartime London, “Love Lessons” shows how the painters and poets of Chelsea coped with the Blitz – “We can’t let Hitler stop us from enjoying ourselves, can we?”